Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mommy and Dada

The past week or so the kids have been playing Mommy and Dada together a lot. They create a family of babies, take them for stroller rides, change diapers, put them in a highchair and feed them food, burp them, lay them down for a nap, etc. Instead of calling each other Sara and Adam, they refer to each other as Mommy and Dada. Sometimes Shannon and I get confused, thinking they are talking to us and they both give us a look because we didn't understand their secret code of slightly different parental nicknames. They argue about so many things at has been nice to have moments that they play so well together!

The other morning they were really making me laugh. After breakfast, both dressed up in their aprons and gathered their family. Adam had both his "kids" next to him, reading them a story. Notice the hot mits on the cat.

Sara patiently put a hat on her baby.

Adam gently tucked his puppy's hair in his hat and talked to him with comforting words.

I guess both his babies got cold and needed mittens!

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