Saturday, March 30, 2013

Early birthday presents

A few weeks ago our favorite long-time friends were visiting and surprised the kids with early birthday presents! I didn't even know they had brought presents until Adam asked excitedly, "Mom, now that we are done with dinner, can we open our presents?"

Sure enough, Uncle Dan headed out to the car and brought in something for each of them. Adam was super excited to put together his airplane.

Then Aunt Ree whispered something in his ear and he headed upstairs...

Next we went outside. It was dark, cold, and we had flood-producing rains the day before. Why let that slow you down?!

Then it was back inside for Sara's present.

A princess puzzle! And a challenging one at that with curvy sides. What a great present for Sara - she loves princesses and we had been spending a lot of time on puzzles lately. Here she is posing with the completed project.

After looking at the preview of the picture I took, Sara told me I had to retake it because I was only supposed to capture the head of the puzzle! Oops...

A few days later it was time for a daylight flight. Over there, dad, fly it that way.

It flew all the way across the front yard and landed on the road!

You may be wondering about Sara's hat. She had a surgical procedure that morning and she wanted to wear the hat she had picked at the hospital.

Adam thought it was especially neat that every time the airplane landed nose down, the wings fell off as a safety mechanism.

Can't wait for their next visit!

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