Sunday, March 3, 2013

Adam is stentless

Last Thursday Adam had what we hope to be his last surgical procedure in quite a while. Ever would be fine with me. Shannon was out of town teaching in St. Louis all week so Adam and I flew solo. It's getting pretty comical how much he knows the whole hospital process. Valet parking, where registration is, questions they ask, hit G for Ground and tell the lady at the desk his name is Adam. She was even so busy this time that she didn't give me any of the normal paperwork and just said "Have a seat - I know who you are!"

Fifteen minutes later I saw her walk toward me but at the same time, the door opened for the nurse to take us back to pre-op so she said "I will catch you when you come out!"

Adam got weighed (31.4 lbs) and measured (3' 3"), although I am not sure the height is right. Then we wandered back guessed it...the same room we have been in...let's see...5 times now. I think once Sara picked a different room to change things up. Adam told me he was going to answer the nurse's questions, then get dressed in his hospital clothes, and then he wanted to head down to the play room. Dr. Rhee did check in quickly and markered the surgery side to prevent confusion in the operating room. It's a quick trip by now because I don't really have any questions. many toys to choose from. Of course he wants to get most the stuff out and play with it for only a few minutes. The struggle with that is that it has to go in a "to be cleaned" bin instead of back on the shelf. They never have a big enough bin for when we are there!

How can you resist a front loading truck that also has a dump bed?

The anesthesiologist team met us in the play room to review Adam's medical history. He decided to be shy and hide behind my legs, which doesn't happen often. They always initiate the conversation by saying "Now he was born quite prematurely, right?" And then they want me to go thru the whole list of NICU issues he had. The comment she made that was most strange was when she said "Does he have any other issues besides obviously being small for his age?" I replied "What do you mean? He's not small for his age? He is completely caught up and actually taller than some kids his age." She said "Oh, he is? Well, how old is he?"

I asked Adam why he was shy around those ladies and he said it was because he didn't know them. It was true, we had never seen them before, and they weren't very child friendly. They could have at least included him in the conversation instead of being all business.

We headed back to our pre-op room and the nurse was ready to take him to the OR, on time for a change! It helps when we aren't waiting on equipment. He decided today that he didn't want a wagon ride and he was just going to walk. Leaving Blankie with me and taking Sara's new kitty she got from Aunt Robyn, he gave me a hug and kiss and said "Bye mom!" and walked off with her.

The lady in the family waiting area was still swamped and asked if I needed any paperwork or buzzer or anything. I said no, just give me his number so I can monitor his progress on the information screen. Less than 15 minutes later she told me he was done and took me to a conference room to speak with the doctor. The status on the information screen hadn't had a chance to change off of "In Pre-Op".

The procedure went as expected, very easy. He needs a follow-up ultrasound in 4 weeks. Then again every 3 months for a year to make sure the blockage does not return. The dilitation (which was kind of the irritated area where the blockage was) may take up to a year to improve and it probably won't ever completely resolve.

He was upset and crying when I got back to his post surgery area and a nurse was rocking him in a chair. I think it was more from waking up from the anesthesia than from pain, although he said his IV hurt. Sometimes they wrap the bandage too tight. He calmed down after a while and started asking for apple juice and teddy grahams. After a large glass of juice and 2 bags of snacks he was good to go. The nurse left to get his discharge papers and he said "Ummm...can I have some stickers since I was so good?" Working the system!

Best of all, he had no pain and it didn't even hurt to pee! Goodbye stent...we won't miss the pain you caused while he was running and jumping and being a boy!

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Jenny said...

Glad he is done with all of that! Here's to hoping for good tests from here on out!