Friday, February 22, 2013

We finally got snow!

This winter has been a strange one. Not much winter. More early spring than blistery cold. Finally, last night we got a few inches of snow. The most we have gotten all winter so far. The day started with the kids rolling out of bed and putting boots on to ride with Shannon while he plowed our driveway and our favorite neighbors'. The starving girl came in pleading for breakfast while Adam stayed out to help shovel a spot for Ivy to go potty. By 8:30 they were begging me to get them dressed to play in the snow. I staved them off a little longer and then we got bundled up.

Adam was all about pushing snow with his tractor.

Sara and I built our first snowman together. Apparently it was a snow baby whom she lovingly named "Laura."

She also made a snow angel.

I think she is my angel.

Adam initiated a snowball fight, giggling the whole time.

Once they got up from afternoon nap, we packed up all our gear and headed over to my mom's house to play in her snow, too. Sara and I discovered she's got a great sledding hill in the front yard. Thankfully my Flintstone foot brake was in good working order to prevent us from sliding out into the street!

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