Sunday, January 20, 2013

Make that 4 surgeries in a week

Adam had his stent placement on Monday, Jan. 7.

I took my mom back to the orthopaedic doctor the next day to x-ray the 2 broken bones in her arm. We learned that during the healing process, her bone had shifted and she needed surgery in the next week to insert a plate or it would limit her mobility and arthritis would set in. In the next week turned out to be either Thursday or the following Monday. Sara was already scheduled for surgery Monday so after much emotional coaxing, I convinced Mom of Thursday. Then began the entire list of things she had to accomplish before then. A doctor to clear her physically, lab work, an EKG, and a chest x-ray. It took me 7 phone calls to find a doctor who would meet with her and review her information to clear her. We headed to the hospital Tuesday evening to do all the labs, EXG, and x-ray, then met with a doctor Wednesday morning who signed the paper to clear her.

Then Thursday came. Somehow the x-ray was sent to the wrong office and that initiated resending all the information to the previous day's doctor. Except he was now out of the country and a different doctor glanced at it and stopped surgery plans immediately, 1 hr before walking out the door. Her EKG came back abnormal and her chest x-ray came back abnormal. Now we scrambled to make appointments with a heart doctor for further tests and get a chest CT scan before our surgery window closed. The heart doctor was not concerned about the type of abnormality but ordered an echo to be safe because the x-ray showed her heart was enlarged. He cleared her for surgery and it was rescheduled for Monday. The echo showed some tissue was enlarged in a ventricle but the heart was pumping fine so no follow up was needed.We are stilling waiting on the news about the chest CT. Mom's surgery went well. It is still quite painful at times and because it is only in a splint, she is very limited with what she can do.

Then came news about Grandpa George. He had been experiencing some shortness of breath and initiated going to a doctor. Some tests were coming back normal but then he did a type of breathing stress test which showed problems. They scheduled him for an angioplasty on Thursday of the week following and would have a heart team standing by in case more was needed once they got in there. The angioplasty revealed 1 out of 3 arteries was completely blocked but the pressure in the remaining was fine so they can treat with medicine.

So we had...
Sara's robotic kidney stone surgery in Boston on Dec. 21
Adam's right stent placement surgery on Jan. 7
My mom's arm surgery on Jan. 14
Sara's left shock lithotripsy on Jan. 14
Adam's robotic surgery for his uretero-pelvic blockage on Jan. 17
Grandpa George's angioplasty on Jan. 17
Sara's right shock lithotripsy on Jan. 28 (and hopefully left stent removal)
One more surgery pending for Sara for her right stent removal
One more surgery pending for Adam for his right stent removal

No wonder I'm exhausted.


Jenny said...

Wow...Been thinking about you guys! Prayers everything goes ok with the upcoming surgeries.

Heather said...

Good Lord! I'd say you should be exhausted! I'm hoping that everyone recovers well and feels lots better soon. And I hope that you get some rest and hold up well through all of this. . . . Hang in there.