Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Much has happened...let me try to catch you up!

I last posted on Christmas Day when Sara was having improvements. Overnight it was probably the worst night we had so far. She was in a terrible amount of pain and even I was struggling to get her back to calm in the midst of it. By the morning, the nurse felt like something else may be going on and pushed for the doctors to do an x-ray. The medications assigned were no longer managing her pain. I was relieved that we were trying something.

Shannon and Adam came mid-morning. Of course Adam was being himself, figuring out quickly how the bed works and dropping the sides faster than I could and trying to lift Sara's spirits.

Fifteen minutes later and she was "unstuck" and ready to eat some Cheerios. In fact, she ate nearly the whole container, which was the most she had eaten since she arrived 5 days earlier.

11am and we encouraged another long walk down to the nurse's station. You can see how happy she was about it.

By now it's been a few hours and we were still waiting for someone to come take her for an x-ray. To pass the time, we ventured down to the play room for a change of scenery. Something amazing happened and Sara came to life!

She found a little grocery cart and a stuffed animal. Loading her new-found "baby" into the cart, her mommy instincts kicked in and she was happy as could be. Shannon could hardly keep up with her with the IV pole. Once she started to tire, we headed back to the room for some more snacks. Adam got more smiles with a game of peek. We let the nurses know that we didn't think the x-ray was necessary now.

Early afternoon, the surgeon Dr. Nguyen, stopped by and said "I can discharge you to your hotel and you can fly home tonight or you can stay another day and be discharged to the airport tomorrow." I looked at him in shock. Less than 12 hours earlier she was screaming in pain at every step she took and now he wants to release us. I know he felt bad that we were so far from home around the holidays. Part of me really questioned whether she was ready. Another part knew that we had just pulled her last IV because the vein blew and I didn't want her to go thru inserting another if we didn't have to.

Shannon and I spent time talking thru it while the kids napped. The IV helped in the decision, as well as the fact that we wanted some time caring for her away from the hospital before we completely left the city.

We began packing our bags and bags and bags. December 26 would be our last day at Boston Children's Hospital. Very quickly some of our "normal" came back. I scrambled to pack while Shannon went to the hospital pharmacy to fill prescriptions. Sara bickered at Adam because he kept pestering her and climbing in her wagon. The nurse was just cracking up as she came in and out with discharge instructions.

All packed but Sara was really not in the mood for a smile.

We finally coaxed one out of her as reality set in that we would be going home soon!

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