Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brotherly love

Adam has had a few times of being so loving to Sara the past few days that it just melts my heart.

Sara still has 1 stitch that hasn't fallen out from her Boston surgery on Dec. 21. We keep putting a bandaid on it because it sticks out a little and rubs on her shirt if we don't. Every few days the bandaid starts falling off and we have to put a new one on. The problem is that the old bandaid hangs on by a corner and I have to pull it off, which tugs on her little tummy hairs. Two days ago was typical and Sara was extra dramatic--yelling and screaming that it was going to hurt. Adam came in the bathroom and put his hands on the side of Sara's face and told her "It's going to be okay, Sara, breathe with me."

Yesterday when Sara and I were getting ready to leave for the hospital, I asked Adam if he wanted to tell Sara bye, have a good surgery. He was walking out of their bedroom rubbing his hands and said, "Just a minute, I'm rubbing my sanitizer" because he had just gone to the bathroom. He finished up and gave Sara a big hug. Then he told her "I want to give you a kiss" and they both stood there for a long moment kissing before Adam told her "Bye."

I love, love, love it!