Saturday, December 15, 2012

Surgery? Make that a double!

Adam had his follow up ultrasound yesterday. It had been 3 months since his initial ultrasound. It was the first time we had a male tech and Adam thought that was pretty cool. He even taught the kids a new word - bogus!

After the test we met with the urologist to get the results.

The ultrasound showed that the dilitation is worse and the thinning in Adam's right kidney, as a result, is also worse. There is a blockage somewhere in the area of where the kidney funnels and drains into the ureter. Surgery will be required. It will be similar to Sara's upcoming surgery as far as access and that it will be robotic. He would like to do it in two parts. First, a procedure under anesthesia to put in a stint that will open the area of the blockage and help it drain the urine to prevent further damage while we are waiting for the surgical schedule to be available. Then, a robotic surgery to remove the blockage.

Looking at his calendar on his smartphone he said "I can put the stint in on Monday if you would like." Knowing what our upcoming schedule looks like, I asked if we could wait until January. He quickly said no and offered me Dec. 28 as a second option. I agreed. The 2nd surgery will be scheduled after the stint is placed, probably at least February or maybe March.

Hydronephrosis is the clinical diagnosis. It's possible the thinning will improve but very unlikely that it will return to 100%.

Even as I type this I can't believe that both of my kids will be having surgery within a few months of each other. Adam and Sara, when you read this someday, I want you to know that even though mom and dad find this season of our life challenging, we are calm and confident that God is caring for our family. I haven't broken down crying, although a good cry is probably in order. I haven't spent hours asking why. I have had moments of disbelief but take things one day at a time, one decision at a time. Know that I love you both more than you can imagine and if I could prevent any of this, I would.


Heather said...

JoLynn, you are handling this so well! I'm sure it helps your children that you are able to stay so calm and strong through this. I'm glad you're going to get through Christmas before the surgery, and I hope that everything goes perfectly smoothly and that recovery is quick.

Jenny said...

Wow...I have no words! Know that both kiddos will be in my prayers over the next couple of weeks.