Saturday, December 22, 2012

Staying another night

Today has been a day of one step forward, two steps back. Drank fluids, threw up. Fever. Drank fluids. Catheter out and went potty for the first time but extreme pain to get out of bed and walk. Threw up. Relief from pain meds and reduced fever. Ate some Cheerios. Threw up. Fever back.

We started the day with 4 goals - sit up, eat, go potty, walk. I could tell pretty early on that we weren't making very good forward progress to warrant going home by late afternoon. We were hoping that one of the IVs would be able to come out but since she was still throwing up, they wanted to keep all open access in tact.

Combine the ups and downs with an awful blood draw where the lady was poking around for 5 minutes and Sara was moaning in pain and it was a pretty crummy start to the day. Then another blood draw later to make sure she still had enough tolerance for more pain meds, which was more poking around and an unsuccessful stick. She and I both ended up crying. I asked what the plan was at that point and the phlebotomist said he didn't have one. Not exactly what I wanted to hear. Our nurse came back in from break and I expressed my displeasure. She said she had heard and wasn't happy about it either. She called urology to ask if we could skip another draw and they said unfortunately, no. She requested a different person and promised if someone showed up who she hadn't worked with before she would send them away for someone else. That stick was still challenging because she had to try the band on both arms to choose her preference and that was terribly painful. Thankfully she was successful on the first try, though. I was at the point that I had to walk away and keep Adam amused. I just couldn't take seeing Sara like that anymore and still let someone do their job without ripping their head off.

We accomplished the sit up. The catheter came out around noon and she went potty on her own later in the afternoon. She has gotten out of bed and walked to the bathroom twice. That sounds so matter of fact and easy, when in actuality it is a process that wears her out. Just sitting up in bed she is in a tremendous amount of pain. Then trying to get out and walk, each step is painful. Any way I try to help and lift her, hurts her. There just isn't anything else we can do but try to manage the pain until she starts to heal. Unfortunately, she needs to move to help heal and who wants to move when it hurts that much.

The fever that is setting in is probably lung related. When undergoing that length of anesthesia, the bottom portion of the lung tends to collapse because the ventilator doesn't push as much air in to inflate the lungs as breathing would. They brought in a party favor that she needs to blow through and unroll as much as she can to help with the inflation of her lungs.

Around 2:30 a doctor stopped in and determined she would be staying in the hospital one more night. Shannon and I agreed that it seemed like she just wasn't making enough progress. The nurse concurred and felt like Sara just wasn't ready and didn't want to put her in a dangerous situation where we couldn't manage her pain.

This afternoon she is getting an oral cocktail of Tylenol and Oxycodone. That is a pain option that lasts much longer than something they can give thru the IV. Once it kicked in, it seemed to help with her pain. We are supposed to ask her where the pain is so they can tell if it is at the incision points/muscle related or if it is from a bladder spasm. So far it all just seems to be general pain from the surgery which is more constant rather than a sudden, sharp pain from a bladder spasm.

Adam brought Sara her bear this morning. She seemed happy with it, although we haven't seen a smile all day. He did a good job staying amused and busy. Both kids took a great nap in the hospital room in the afternoon.

Adam's favorite thing is to walk the hospital looking for Thomas, the robotic train cart that delivers food. He runs back to the room and tells me where he saw him..."Mom he was right outside the elevator and said 'Calling Elevator' and then the door came and he wheeled right in. Dad says he has his own garage door opener!"

By 7:30 Adam was getting squirrely so Shannon took him back to the hotel for bath and bedtime. They had a great night's sleep last night snuggling in the big bed together. Hopefully it can go just as well tonight. He was a little fussy tonight saying that he wanted me to go with him and dad to stay with Sara.

We have the same night nurse as last night so it's nice to see a familiar face and the same day nurse will be back tomorrow. We are going to try to get her up and walking around in a little bit, then go for a ride in a wagon. Hoping tonight and tomorrow are more of a two steps forward, one step back.

I am a little nervous at this point about keeping her comfortable outside the hospital and the plane ride back. Not only will the seat belt in her car seat be a struggle because it is in the area of the incisions but the seat on the plane sits completely upright and it is painful for her to sit up that straight. Also hoping we can get more sleep tonight than the few hours we got last night.

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Christina said...

Sorry to hear that today was so hard. Hopefully by the flight back she'll be in less pain. Maybe even call the airline or mention it at checkin. If they have any first class seats maybe they'll move her. Also can she use an ice pack while riding in the car?