Friday, December 21, 2012

Boston - day 2 - surgery

Wake up time came early today, but thankfully we all went to bed early and the kids slept pretty soundly due to no nap in the afternoon. Rainy but not as bad as things seem to be back home, we got to the hospital quickly this morning. Rush hour is not too heavy at 5:45am.

Pre-op was busy because a lot of elective or non-urgent procedures are done during the holiday break for students. Sara got her surgical jammies on and quickly set her new zebra aside for a bear they gave her in the holding area.

The hospital socks are also not her color choice and even though they said "small," they were still a little big for her dainty feet. No complaints from her, though.

The anesthesiologist asked her the bear's name. She hadn't named it yet so on the spot it was dubbed "George." However, after a quick trip to X-ray for one fresh picture, the bear changed gender and became Hanna (my spelling - why put an "H" on the end, when Sara doesn't need one?). Sara then sampled various scents for her gas mask and settled on a blend of strawberry and watermelon. I (Shannon) got to put on a gown and mask, even a lunch lady hair cover, however unnecessary that is.

Even though the OR holding was very full, Adam and Mom got to come in and brought a balloon.

Hugs and kisses and consent form complete and off we went to the room with more computers and high tech gear than NASA during Apollo missions. They put the pulse ox monitor on her finger and started singing Rudolph the red nosed reindeer since it had a little red glow. Glad we're not paying for their vocal talent!

Then Sara started breathing her fruity fun mask and was out in about a minute. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and before I could say "goodnight Princess Cupcake", she was zonked on the table.

Breakfast time for the three of us. Adam got his first lessons in Ms. PacMan and Galaga.

Now we're just hanging out in the large but busy family waiting room. The nurse liaison said the first news from the room was that the setup was done and robotics getting started. We will get updates about every 90 minutes.

Second surgical update - it's taken me this long to get everything lined up, so in the meantime, another update came in that they are breaking up a big stone but there is no time estimate. Next update should be around 12:15pm. Early lunch for us now.

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Jenny said...

Thank you for updating us. Sending good positive thoughts and prayers for you and Sara right now. Good job dad on being the strong parent to take her in:)