Monday, November 12, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

I had purchased the kids' Halloween costumes last spring and was anxiously awaiting the holiday. Actually, not Halloween, but our annual twins' group Trunk or Treat. It's our best opportunity for trick or treating and the only thing we have participated in so far. When it comes to the actual holiday, the lots in our neighborhood average 2 acres and that is a lot of walking for little legs. Plus, I think since we have lived in this house 10 years we have only had 3 knocks on our door at Halloween!

What were the costumes I found? M&Ms! A blue and a yellow, complete with felt shoe spats to look like boots!

Now we are passionate about our trunk decorating...or I should probably say I am but Shannon was actually pretty into it this year. Our first year Adam was a lion and Sara was a tiger so we decorated our trunk as a jungle. Last year Sara was a prairie girl and Adam was a cowboy so we decorated with a campfire. With M&M costumes this year, I had the idea to have a movie theater candy display case. I thought we were ahead of the game because we started planning the night before instead of the day of like past years. We stopped by a local movie theater and they donated 3 movie posters that I planned on creating some kind of backdrop with. Shannon had an idea for building the shelves.

Saturday we headed to Grandma's new house to work on the project because Shannon's tools were at our friend's log cabin home and another friend had his tools at my mom's working on a remodeling project. Did you follow all that? Tick tock, tick tock. Lunchtime came and I had brought a pizza to cook. We weren't even close to finishing so I asked mom to take the kids home for a nap while Shannon and I finished. Luckily both our vehicles were there. 2:00 and I am done with my part. Trunk or Treat starts at 4. Problem is that I measured wrong so it didn't fit exactly how I wanted but it would still work. Tick tock, tick tock. 2:45. I still need to get home, shower, get the kids ready...3:10 and we get in the car which...won't start! Thankfully mom's car was in the garage and we could jump start ours. We got home at 3:20. I showered while the kids got into costume. 3:45 and we are out the door. Except we get 5 minutes down the road and realize we forgot the pumpkin baskets to put candy in. 4:15 and we finally arrive. Thankfully we weren't the last to arrive, almost though.

Sadly, no awards were won this year. Because we were late, we didn't even know we had to have a number attached to our vehicle for voting! Mark this down - next year we are preparing it the weekend before!

The kids had a ton of fun, though, and that's all that matters.

Check it out - more M&Ms!


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Jenny said...

so cute! I have got to get on the ball and get my Halloween post up!