Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blankie's new home

Most children have a favorite of something that they latch on to. Sara really doesn't have one, other than her thumb lately. Some nights she wants nothing in her bed, including her pillow, and some nights her head is surrounded.

Adam, on the other hand, is best friends with Blankie. You see, blankie has been around a long time now. This is the first picture I can find of Adam with his beloved friend in March, 2010. He was 11 months old. You can't necessarily tell from that photo but he is a small blue blanket with the head of a dog attached. I thought about naming him Doggie but at that age, I thought the kids would get confused because it wasn't really a panting, licking, barking, tail-wagging dog. So Blankie stuck.

At one point I found a duplicate at our semi-annual Peoria Mothers of Twins Club giant sale. It helps us keep one clean and one as backup.

I do have to be careful, though. Adam has been known to search thru a dirty clothes basket to find the one waiting to be washed. Or he will find the clean one in the laundry room. For a while, he decided he needed to sleep with both of them.

We have also had times where he steals someone else's blankie. You can see hints of the pink one, which is supposed to be Sara's, hiding behind the blue one. Sara doesn't mind so what's the big deal, right?

Sometimes you just need him when you are rocking and have a runny nose from a cold.

Sometimes you need an extra friend when you discover someone bought a new baby gate and you can't quite get where you want to go.

He always holds Blankie the same - grab the tag in the left hand, insert thumb.

Even when we went thru a season of having to spend the night together on the couch sometimes, we had to make room for Blankie.

He has traveled many miles with us, even all the way to Arkansas to meet Great Aunt Ann! You can see that Blankie is very photogenic. Heaven help me on the times I forgot Blankie during a key nap time. Like when I was with my Aunt Robyn doing some shopping and Adam had a total meltdown so she bought him this absolutely adorable Monkey Blankie that to this day the kids can't look at him without saying "awww".

Blankie even got the privilege of seeing our Christmas tree lit up on Christmas morning.

He got to snuggle in my bed for the first shots on my new camera last Christmas. This is one of the few shots that I have of Adam scratching Blankie. I have no idea why but apparently Blankie likes it. So it's hold the tag, suck the thumb, and scratch. Thankfully, the only time Adam sucks his thumb is during nap or bedtime when he has Blankie.

Of course he has to travel to St. Louis when you celebrate turning the big 3.0!

How would he have survived Aunt Robyn's Great Septic Backup of 2012 without Blankie?

 Of course spare Blankie was there waiting for Adam to be surprised when his crib was converted to a toddler bed.

Regular Blankie just had to experience the very first slide down the new swing set!

He has definitely been a comforter as Adam has experienced some new medical issues this year.

Wow Blankie has really been there thru thick and thin with Adam. No wonder they are best friends. Honestly, I have to admit we have used it as a threatening tool at times and it works effectively. But lately we have noticed an issue - possibly an unhealthy attachment to Blankie. The rule was that Blankie always stayed in bed when naptime or bedtime was done. But now the temptation of a toddler bed's easy access made it so difficult to not just sneak in and snuggle with him for a bit in the middle of the day. Or we would find Adam hiding behind the rocking chair in the corner, just he and Blankie having a moment.

Rather than taking Blankie away completely I decided to remove the temptation that he struggled with during the day. I found a spare shoe box and we made Blankie a "home". Adam loved it! We got out the craft supplies and I let him decorate it however he wanted.

He took the job very seriously.

In the end, I think Adam was very pleased and proud of building Blankie's new home. And Blankie liked the way it turned out, too!

Now when Adam gets up from nap and bedtime, Blankie goes in his home and then is placed on the top of Adam's wardrobe cabinet that is about 7' tall. Some days it takes longer than others to get him in there and he needs to get an extra scratch, kiss, and squish hug (complete with grunting noise due to the sheer force of the hug). And sometimes Blankie requests a friend to keep him company in his home or a blanket to cover up with.

So far this has been extremely effective. A few times, we have found Adam taking his green bathroom stool in his bedroom, hefting it onto his bed, and standing on it to get Blankie down. He's smart - I gotta give him that! I just couldn't completely take away the one thing that helps him feel so safe and secure. I think we have come up with a good alternative!

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