Sunday, October 21, 2012

Pumpkin carving extravaganza

The kids had been asking when we could go pick pumpkins to carve and my response continued to be "it's dark and we have to pick a pumpkin when the sun is out" or "dad's not home and we are going to do it as a family." Shannon spent a few days traveling with extended hours so he was off last Thursday - perfect day since it wasn't dark and we were having family time!

We chose an easy local option and drove just down the road to support a family farm. The kids thought it was so neat to jump out of the car and race to all the different groups of pumpkins. They had so many different kinds, they didn't know what to look at first--small ones, big ones, ones that were different colors, ones that had crooked necks like a goose, ones that had warts, ones that were big, and ones that were HUGE!

While Adam was busy picking between a big pumpkin and a HUGE pumpkin, Sara broke out into song and dance on the tent pole!

Adam finally decided his strong muscles could only handle a big one and Sara needed a "warty one." Shannon and I added 2 small ones--one striped that looked like a green pepper and one that looked like a cupcake with frosting. I chose a HUGE one that was green and orange because...well, because no one else had one that big!

We got home, chose our designs, set up our caving area, and started in. I got the top cut off my pumpkin and Adam's pumpkin. I tried to get the kids to just dig their hands in to clean out the gunk. Sara was all over it but Adam tried once and didn't like it. Instead he reached in and pulled out one seed at a time with a scoop!

I tried to poke my knife in Sara's warty pumpkin. Uh-oh. This thing was as hard as a piece of wood! Shannon...we are going to need some tools for this job!

By the time we got all the pumpkins cleaned out, we needed lunch and a break for nap. Once we resumed, we got our patterns taped to the pumpkins. Once again, my pumpkin and Adam's was easy as pie to cut the pieces out.

Sara's needed some tools that were a little stronger.

Just a few finishing touches that needed the dremmel. We had to take it outside to avoid flying pumpkin shavings, safety glasses and all!

The finished masterpieces--the kids were so proud! Adam chose a monkey and Sara a kitty.

Mine was the ghost.

And because it was so HUGE I carved an owl on the back side, too!


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Very impressive!!! And I love how you had to break out the power tools!!! :)