Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Small Wonders Walk

Last weekend was one of our favorite events of the year - the annual Children's Hospital of Illinois Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Small Wonders Walk. It was started by a group of graduate parents as a way to raise money for the NICU to provide supplies and training and other things that will continue to make our facility one of the best in the country. We love seeing other graduate families. It's also the only time the kids have a chance to meet the doctors and nurses who cared for them as they are not allowed back in the NICU.

I would have to say in the 3 years we have attended, this was my favorite year so far.

First, the kids were old enough to get a balloon animal! Adam picked this awesome monkey climbing in a tree. Sara was visiting with a family with me so, in her absence, Adam chose a pink kitty on a leash for her.

Of course we headed outside and enjoyed walking together.

We beat the crowd getting back inside and went right to the face painting station. Sara selected the butterfly this year and Adam a spider with a web. She is so awesome!

What cracks me up is that while I am trying to take pictures of the kids, they are trying to glance over and see themselves in the mirror. First Sara...

Then Adam...

 We also enjoyed a concert by JulieK! I think their favorite song was The Lemon Shakeup.

Out of all the exciting festivities of the day, my favorite moment was just after we had a family photo taken. A couple pushing a stroller with a very tiny baby inside stopped us - "Excuse me, we don't mean to interrupt. Adam and Sara, right? We looked at their photos on the table of the Family Dining Room every day we were in the NICU last December. It helped us get thru the day and gave us hope." We had no idea who this couple was but they sure felt like they knew us. That is why we do the Walk, and that is why we volunteer on the Family Advisory Board, and that is why we reach out to mentor other graduate parents.

For those of you who supported us with prayer and financial support - thank you so much!

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