Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mag 3 scan day

Today was a very early morning waking Adam at 6am to get breakfast and dressed to make it to the hospital. Seemed like an easy task. I made one flaw in my calculation - having to keep track of 2 kids instead of 1! I was going to lift Adam out of bed and carry him out to snuggle and get him woken up. But Sara had been up twice between 5 & 6 so when it was time for Adam to get up, she didn't understand why I couldn't snuggle with her, too. Shannon had to leave to pick up Ivy from being boarded for the weekend, bring her home, and then meet us at the hospital so he was on a tight timeframe, too.

With his new backpack loaded with his Bobcat magazine from Grampa, both his Bobcat machines, and blankie, we made it to registration about 15 minutes late, but still in plenty of time to get checked in and watch the cranes working on the construction project again.

Nurse Nonnie did a great job of preparing us and keeping Adam calm. I knew that Adam needed more bloodwork in the next week so I asked her if she could take care of that today when she put in the IV, as well. Good thinking, mama!

This is the table he laid on. He climbed on and then it raised up and she slid it down so his body was positioned over the imaging camera.

Nonnie tried to get the IV in his right arm first in case he would need to suck his thumb for comfort but it just wasn't happening. Words can't even describe how hard it is to see your son look at you like "mom, make her stop" because a needle is moving around inside his arm. She finally gave up and tried the other arm - much better. The needle went in but he must take after Shannon - his blood is thicker than molasses! An assistant was squeezing his arm, trying to lower it so gravity could help, use a syringe to draw the blood out. It was just a challenge. She finally got the 2 vials and Adam said to her calmly "you can take that out, now."

Here he is watching his Thomas the Train video that he picked. Nonnie injected the radioactive isotopes so we could see it flow thru his body. The little silver frame you see under his bed is the imaging camera.

This is the monitor we watched as his test progressed. 5 minutes in, 35 minutes to go...

Here is a close up of the shot. The dots are what they injected flowing thru his body. If you look closely, you can actually see an image of most of his body - each arm sticking out, bent at the elbow and his thighs at the bottom. The 2 bright white circles in the middle are his kidneys filling with the fluid. And the bright white circle centered below the kidneys are his bladder. His kidneys are emptying into the bladder.

Now 14 minutes into the test and Adam is really starting to squirm that he has to go potty. We are trying to get him to hang on at least another 5 minutes!

You can see nearly all of the left kidney has drained into the bladder but the right kidney remains bright. This is the kidney we were checking for blockage and it's not what I was praying the screen would look like. It isn't completely blocked but certainly isn't flowing like the left.

Nonnie kept saying over and over how well Adam did. She had staff waiting to assist her and everyone was shocked that they didn't need to help. He told me it hurt a little and he cried a little. Unfortunately, I got a call from the lab on the way home and one of the vials of blood wasn't usable because it had started to thicken too much. So it will be back to the lab with both kids to finish out bloodwork sometime soon. Not looking forward to that.

We got home and Adam jumped out of the car and yelled "Grandma I'm all better!" Soon, my little warrior!

So all in all, not a bad birthday but certainly not the best I've had! It got better as the day went on but I don't think I will pick that for a birthday present again any time soon.

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Jenny said...

those are exactly how Owen's looked...one side clear and the other not. Did they do a lasix push next? That always cleared Owen's right one.