Sunday, September 30, 2012

Just because presents

 Today was such a fun day!

I had bought Adam a bike at the most recent Peoria Mothers of Twins Sale and we hid it in the basement. My intent was to wait until their birthday in April and buy one for Sara, too, to be birthday presents. Then my cousin reminded me that there may not be bikes for sale yet at that time of year and we should consider buying end of season and saving it. That's exactly what we did...kind of!

Once Sara's bike was hiding in the basement, too, I told Shannon I couldn't believe we would have to wait 6 months to give them to them! I'm terrible at waiting for fun presents. Shannon surprised me and said "Then let's not wait! Let's give it to them as a just because gift!" Sounded good to me. Then it was a matter of picking the day when we could all be together as a family.

This morning was the day. We got them lined up outside to surprise them.

 They came out and I heard a "Woo hoo" and a "We got new bikes!" But honestly, I thought they would express a little more excitement.

 They went right over to check them out.

Adam's is looking pretty proud of his new big boy bike!

Little Miss Sara with her hand on her hip - what a pose!

Sara hopped right on and off she went down the driveway with no hesitation! I could hear Adam telling Shannon behind us that he didn't like it wobbling. Sara rode down to the end of the cul de sac and back while Adam was just making it out of the driveway!

The more they road the more they got the hang of it. We spent well over an hour riding this morning. It was nice that I could walk at a decent pace and they weren't constantly running into me!

Happy just because present, kids - we love you!

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