Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swim lessons

Originally I signed the kids up to take swim lessons two weeks ago. Then I looked at my calendar and realized it was a week that we went to Wildlife Prairie Park and we had eye appointments. Oops! So I rescheduled for this week. The only problem? It's been 100 degrees most of the summer...except this week! They barely make it thru the 30 minutes without needing a snuggle break from shivering so bad. Yesterday it even rained during swim lessons! They have been doing well trying new things, with a little coaxing...putting their face in and blowing bubbles, working with the kickboard, jumping in from the side. We tried jumping in off the diving board and the best I got was to drop them in with my hands but that's a start! They wouldn't go down the slide at all. I think it freaks them out that it is a covered tunnel slide. Hopefully the weather will warm next week and we can finish strong, enjoying the water without so much shivering!

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Christina said...

My Mom has been taking Alana to swim lessons through Easter Seals. It's an indoor pool and she loves it. They've done two sessions now and Alana really wants to do a 3rd, but I don't think she's going to be able to do it. My Mom has a pool too, but I think it's the whole group lesson that she really likes and the instructors, etc. She's has a blast.