Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peoria Zoo day

Recently a few MoMs from our twins group decided to meet at the zoo. It was one of those 100+ degree days so it was a little rough. We opted for the red wagon to get some shade and not end the time with totally cranky kids. Maybe 1 cranky mom from pulling from time to time but that is way better than 2 cranky kids AND 1 cranky mom!

We spent a little time at the petting zoo before the other MoMs arrived. Adam loves to pet horses. As you can see by Sara's presence nowhere in this photo, she doesn't share the same passion.


After the petting zoo, we found everything around that we could possibly climb on!

Then we headed inside. Who doesn't love the monkeys? Look closely. This is not a baseball bat leaning against the fence! It's his tail hanging on!

The lemurs are our favorite - they were hanging out all entwined.

Giant box turtles are cool. I love that they are standing on their very tip toes. This time next year, they won't have to!

What's not to love about a meerkat? This guy was just sitting against this rock having a staring contest with Sara.

After the indoor exhibits we decided we needed a snack. What better treat to enjoy on a hot day than a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. I probably could have bought 1 for each of us.

Finally - the other twins! 3 sets to be exact, not all pictured of course. 11 kids among 4 families - now that's multiplication.

Sara wasn't too sure about these guys. They looked kind of funny and came right up to the glass, making her step back.

The Africa section, on the other hand, is totally awesome.

Adam loves the giraffes...

All in all it was a great time, until I didn't hear Adam saying "mom STOP!" He had hung his arm over the side of the wagon and got his thumb stuck in the wheel track. Then as I was pulling the wheel was rubbing the skin off his thumb. It had taken off quite a few layers. It's been 2 weeks now and he finally went without a bandaid this morning! Every time I would take it off to clean it, he would get this dramatic whiny voice "it hurts, it hurts, put another bandaid on, it hurts!" There was an entire week he complained he couldn't pull up his pants. Lord help us for any serious injuries down the road!

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Jenny said...

We love the Peoria Zoo! The Giraffes are Owen's favorite too:)