Monday, July 23, 2012

Out of the mouths...

Last Thursday I had my twins group meeting and the kids were in bed by the time I got home. Shannon said they were still awake, so I decided to go in and tell them good night.

I leaned over Sara's bed and she said to me, "Doesn't it smell good in here?"

I agreed, "It does - it was bath night, wasn't it?"

She continued, "It was. Smell my feet" and she held up her foot for me to smell.
"Smell my arm" and she held up her arm.
"Smell my hand" get the idea.
Obviously she was still awake because she was so busy smelling herself!

And the next morning, what was the first thing out of her mouth when she opened her eyes and I saw her?

You guessed it..."Smell my feet!"

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Christina said...

That's awesome. Alana loves to show us her teeth after she brushes them. It's amazing how their little minds work.