Thursday, July 26, 2012

No more glasses for Sara

Do you recognize this little girl?

Get used to it - this is the new Sara! The doctor deemed her glasses-free this morning! She went from an astigmatism of 1.25 in both eyes a little over a year ago and now it is down to 0.5 in one eye and nothing in the other. So excited! She did a great job of sitting still in the chair by herself, getting drops in by herself, and reciting all the letters he asked on the eye chart. Even tonight at dinner her eyes were still dilated. It was kind of freaky because one eye was dilated more than the other so it made her eyes look really weird.

And this is Adam...still no glasses needed! He was such a big boy. He even got to put on cool round glasses with one lens red and one blue to test for color blindness. I was a little worried lately because he keeps saying orange things are yellow. There was also a big pair of black sunglasses he wore that made things 3-D. He had to pick which bug stood out the most from the page and push on circles that were jumping out at him. The funniest thing of the day? He saw a man outside the eye doctor's office smoking and he said "Mom, he's got a smokearette!" I guess that's what he calls a cigarette now!

As a side note, I had to add a picture of Sara's braids. I got creative today with our extra time and did a little half braid on both sides. This picture doesn't totally do it justice. It was so adorable!

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Heather said...

Cuteness all around!!! Great news on the eyes, and adorable braids!