Monday, July 30, 2012

Buddha Belly

We have had this phrase with the kids for a long time. I have no idea how I came up with it. We talk to them a lot about only needing to eat until their tummy is full or they might get a Buddha Belly. The past few days Sara has been eating a ton and then needing a snack an hour later, packing away more than Adam at some meals, which is shocking considering before then she would eat about 5 bites and say she was full.

For breakfast today she had 1 waffle, 1/2 banana, and 2 glasses of orange juice. An hour later she was starving for a snack and I told her not yet since it was only 9am. I held her off another 30 minutes and she ate a cereal bar and a thermos of water. An hour later she was asking if it was lunch time. It was only 11am! For lunch she had 2 bagel bite mini pizzas, 2 glasses of milk, 20 grapes, and 2 handfuls of penguin crackers. When she got up from nap she wanted another snack so she ate a cup of carrots. At dinner, it was applesauce, 7 sweet potato fries, 1/4 of a brat with bun, another 1/3 of banana, and 2 more glasses of milk. An hour later 1/2 cinnamon pretzel with icing fresh out of the oven.

After dinner she held up her shirt and was exclaiming how big her tummy was so we just had to take a picture! It was hard as a rock. When she went outside to help water the flowers, she kept holding her shirt up because she said her tummy was hot. Ah, Sara...

Maybe she is finally hitting a growth spurt again. I couldn't believe when I measured the kids the other day. Adam has grown another 1 1/4" inches since his birthday April 2, putting him at 38 1/8". Sara grew 1/2" to 36 3/4". For their entire first year of life they were within ounces of each other and very close in height. Adam seems to be on this path of grown 1" every 3 months for the past year. I think this winter might be the first time they won't be in the same size clothes.

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