Friday, June 22, 2012

Butt bounce

The kids have been watching the neighbors do all kinds of tricks on their new ginormous trampoline. I don't think we are ready for the flips that we've seen Tia doing but Adam probably could if he tried! The popular stunt lately is the butt bounce and in the past few days, Adam has perfected it! Basically, you jump and jump until you are high enough to throw your legs out and drop your butt on the trampoline. Next step is getting Adam to put his legs back under him and stand back up. I think he has the height!

By the way, apparently he told my mom when he picked out his clothes for the day that this outfit matched and there was going to be no arguing about it! Orange, yellow, and brown striped muscle shirt with red, white, and blue shorts. I might need to get him tested for color blindness!

Here is a video of Adam in action. It amazes me how he is jumping with abandon. Usually he is more cautious. It makes me laugh that Sara sat right in front of the camera and told me "I'm going to be in the picture." Adam is nice enough to give Sara a turn but she takes too long and then gets distracted by pretending to be a bird. She needs a little more practice but she is getting there.

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