Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time for toddler beds!

We have felt for a little while that it was time to convert the kids' cribs to toddler beds. Knowing the transition can require a little extra patience from Mom and Dad, we wanted to wait until we saw a small break in our hectic schedule. Shannon had been teaching 3-4 nights a week and I didn't want to navigate the transition alone. This weekend seemed like an appropriate time. Shannon has a lighter teaching schedule the next few weeks and no night classes.

The kids and I had a long weekend in Wisconsin for a birthday party and Shannon took the opportunity to perform a little crib origami. Just when he thought he was done, I asked him to rearrange the room...then make the beds and put some stuffed animals out for a surprise.

When we headed inside from our trip, the kids ran down the hall to their "new room!"

They jumped right in and laughed and giggled...and giggled and laughed some more!

Sara was so proud to have a big girl bed - she kept saying "I can climb in by myself."

Adam was ready to go to bed right away with blankie.

Thanks, Dad!

It's 10:07 pm of Day 1 and I haven't heard a peep out of them for two hours! It could be that they really got worn out in Wisconsin...I'm okay with that for tonight. We've been talking over the past few months that when they were ready for big girl and big boy beds, they had to lay down and go to sleep and not get out of bed and act silly.

And so the next chapter in the journey begins...

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Jenny said...

Congrats on the transition:) Owen did good for a week or two and then he realized he could get out and be silly! Good luck!!