Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out of the mouths...

Sara: "Are you going to be here today and dad's going to be here today?"
"Yes, it's a family day today."
"I like family days."
"Me, too, we need to do that more often."
"I need to write that down. Can you get me a pen and paper so I can write that down?"

We were getting the kids dressed for church last night. Adam had on a nice pair of plaid shorts and a polo shirt (orange, of course.) I asked him to go in his room and get his good sandals to wear to church. He came out with black dress shoes that tied. Shannon told him "you can't wear those with shorts - you would look dorky!" Sara pipes up "I can't wait to see that!"

Today while eating lunch together, Sara puts her arm around Adam and pats him on the back. "You okay, buddy?" Adam replied "Yeah."
"I love you, Adam."
"I love you, too, Sara."

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