Monday, April 9, 2012

Sara's first hair cut

With the kids birthday party getting closer on the calendar, I thought we should all get a haircut together. I definitely needed one. Adam was certainly getting scraggly. Sara had never had a haircut yet and I thought maybe now would be a good time.

"Sara, would you like to get a haircut?"
"Do you like your hair long?"
"How about she just takes a little off to get rid of the dead ends?"
"Yes. I would like it poofy like a mama's hair. I'm gonna be a mama someday."
"Adam, what about you? Do you need a haircut?"
"I would like her to very carefully cut around my ears because it tickles me when I sleep."

Two kids that know what they want!

Sara sat very still and really didn't know what to think but she was happy with how it turned out. I was, too. Instead of the standard straight line across the back, she left some of the fun layers in. The kids even did a great job sitting still while I got my hair cut last.

It was a great adventure...which all headed downhill once dinner was over! I got a phone call that I had forgotten my glasses and camera at the salon. Then as we were wrapping up dinner, Adam said his body hurt. "What?" "My body hurts." Perplexed, I asked if he had to go to the bathroom and he said yes. I noticed the back of his pants were wet as he walked away. His first experience with diarrhea. Shannon walked in just in time to help Sara finish up with dinner. I got Adam cleaned up and his pants soaking. 15 minutes later there was water all over the laundry room floor from the utility sink leaking! We got that cleaned up while Adam had 2 more bathroom trips. Shannon and I decided to divide and conquer. He stayed home (and near a bathroom) with Adam to figure out the sink. Sara went shopping for party decorations with me and we swung by the salon to pick up the missing items. It was fun actually, because I don't get to be with just one of the kids very often. I think she enjoyed the little field trip, too, and found lots of great items in the party store! Adam woke at midnight with a fever and spent the rest of the night in our bed. He was back to normal by the end of the next day. What a crazy day!

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