Friday, April 20, 2012

Out of the mouths...

The kids are saying so many things lately that absolutely crack me up that I'm not even sure where to begin with our recurring out of the mouths update!

A few weeks ago we were driving home from church on Saturday night. It was dark. We heard Sara say to Adam..."Adam, do you see my booger?"
"No. It's dark...Dad, can you turn the light on so I can see Sara's booger?"

I keep saying how the kids are acting like an old married couple lately. They bicker back and forth all day. Everything Adam says, Sara has to contradict. He can state his preference on something and she will tell him he's wrong. Tonight we were in the car and Adam pointed out that he saw a red car and Sara told him it wasn't red. Ugh!

A few days ago Adam woke up and asked to snuggle with me on the couch. We didn't have any plans so I was happy to oblige. He curled in and said "mom, when are we going to pick up our lumber for our new swingset?" I told him I wasn't sure but dad was in the kitchen and asked if he wanted to go ask. He said sure and hopped off the couch to head that way. I started to get up, too, and Adam stopped, turned to me, and held out his hand to stop me while saying "Stop. You stay there. I'm coming back to snuggle. I'll go ask dad about the lumber."

A few nights ago Adam got Ivy's food bucket out of the pantry to feed her dinner. When he put it away, he started scooping food out of her big bag and refilling the bucket. Shannon shooed him out of the pantry. (I later found out from the sitter that he was in there earlier in the day, as well.) After dinner was over, Shannon happened to open the pantry again to get something and what does he hear? "Well, hello!" Adam had snuck in the pantry again and was sitting on the floor transferring dog food from the bag to the bucket again. We had no idea he was in there so we both burst out laughing.

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