Thursday, March 22, 2012

The girl can fold

Last week the kids were helping me fold laundry.

Sometimes it's the kind of help that teaches me greater patience.
Sometimes it's the kind of help that I don't want at all.
And every now and then, it's the kind of help wrapped up in a pretty bow that I wasn't expecting...

Yes, Sara did actually fold those washcloths just like that, stacked in a pile.

My mouth about dropped on the floor when I turned around and saw it. "Sara! Did you fold those?" She looked at me like I was asking the most silly question and simply said, "Yes."

After that she took the pile of 8 shirts and put hangers on them, all facing the same direction, and hung them in her wardrobe closet.


Sara's new bestie

A few days ago my neighbor asked if she could borrow Sara. Now that's an odd request! She and a few of her friends were meeting for lunch and they all had little girls they were bringing so she needed a princess, too! Of course Sara was all excited and got dressed up for the occasion.

Adam cried a little that he couldn't get to go but the sitter helped him feel special by getting lunch just with her...and he got to dress up in his new monkey shirt and plaid shorts!

Sara had a wonderful time, although she was super worn out when she got home and laid right down for nap!

Here she is with her new "bestie", Macy...they have already planned where their next playdate will be!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It must be summer!

I can't believe it was 75 today...and predictions are 85 tomorrow! We just had to take advantage of the beautiful weather so we packed a lunch and hopped in the car, with Grandma Marilynn in tow. One short stop at the Cookie Shack for each of us to pick our cookie of choice and then on to the park!

The kids had a great time running and swinging and sliding. It's amazing to me how much more coordinated they are just compared to last fall when we were at the same park last. Sara even walked across a balance beam by herself. She was a little directionally challenged, though, when trying to find her way through a little maze to find the slide. Adam had it down after the 2nd try but after about 7 times, I was still telling Sara when to turn. She finally listened for Adam's voice - "Sara, come on!"

Tonight I cooked the best steak ever on the grill and the kids helped me start our annual flower bed clean up, mulch turning.

What's on the schedule for tomorrow? More of the same! Maybe we'll even bust into the sandbox...