Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adam's diaper free!

Last night I stood on the edge of the cliff...and jumped! For about 2 months Adam has been dry overnight, with the exception of 4 times. And 2 of those times he woke himself up. Now I could continue to leave him in diapers for the next year to avoid any accidents at all but I chose to throw my fears aside!

I did have him wear some heavier waterproof underwear, though, just to take a conservative in-between step!

Way to go, my little man!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started out being just another day in our house. Shannon and I have both been putting in a lot of work hours lately. He was scheduled to teach that evening so it was going to be a date night at home for me and the kids. During naptime, our neighbor called to let me know her daughter had a home volleyball game that night, one of the last of the season. The kids were super excited when I shared the news! We quickly snapped some photos to commemorate the day and headed out the door. Little did I know that Adam would be such an awesome cheerleader at the game. I think the whole gym heard him yelling and clapping for Tia...woo-hoo Tia, go Tia, good job Tia...while she was sitting on the bench! He didn't know and he didn't care - he was just supporting his valentine for the evening!

I'm a little biased but I hope you enjoy the photos of my little cutie-pie's!