Friday, January 27, 2012

No more diapers for Adam???

The kids have pretty much been potty trained since September. Not too shabby for being 2 1/2!

About a month ago Adam started having dry diapers overnight, too, from time to time. He has currently hit about a 12 night stretch where he has been dry in the morning! I'm a little nervous to not put him in a diaper because that will be the night that he probably pees so much that the carpet gets wet! I just reuse the diaper for a few nights and figure it's not hurting anything for now.

Sara will help keep nighttime diapers in this house for quite some time, I'm certain. Thankfully we have found a high enough capacity diaper to hold all night. But if she doesn't have an extra potty trip after dinner, her bladder doesn't empty enough and she ends up peeing thru the diaper. I do limit her water intake at night but I'm not willing to give her nothing at dinner and nothing at snack just so she is dry.

They are just growing up too fast!

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Christina said...

Hooray!!! Can I give you Alana until she's potty trained? Please? lol