Sunday, January 1, 2012

New bed for the parents

Our biggest Christmas present this year is from Shannon's parents. We chose to forego birthday presents and Christmas presents so we could jointly buy a new bed and some furniture to go with it. We have been married for 13 years and were using a bedroom set from when my mom was first married (we did get a new air mattress for it). There was also a conglomeration of dressers - some matching from me and some not from Shannon. It was time to do something nice for ourselves.

In October we made a quick weekend trip to Wisconsin to buy a king size bed from my cousin, Beth. We always said we would never want a king size because it was so big that we felt like we were sleeping in separate rooms! But it was quite the find and a steal for the money so we couldn't pass it up!

It sat in pieces in our bedroom for a month. I finally found a quilt online and then went shopping on Black Friday for new pillows, sheets, etc. Then it sat for another month as we were waiting for a good opportunity to do some cleaning in our room and get it all ready.

That time never came so I took the initiative while my mom was visiting last to just box some things up and we can sort thru boxes later. Mom and I got everything torn down, vacuumed, and the new one set up to the point of needing Shannon's help with screwing in the side rails. Not only is it king size but it has these "steps" on the side. It makes it really nice to get in and out of the bed, especially for the kids, but a little more difficult to make the bed.

So far I have actually made the bed all pretty every day since it has been in use. We'll see how long it lasts! The first night was quite strange. It was huge. And much different than the dual chamber air mattress we were used to. It's growing on me. We still need to find dressers within our budget. And we miss the built-in headboard shelves so we are thinking of building something between the headboard and the window for at least the alarm clock, kleenex, etc. I love the dual control electric blanket. And the kids seem to have found an attachment for it, too. I have found them in there multiple times every day so far, enjoying the space, and pestering the cat (Adam, I don't think she likes it when you yell BOO in her face). It's nice to be able to snuggle some mornings and we all fit without the adult butts hanging off the edge!

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Jenny said...

Glad you did something nice for yourselves....we need it every now and then!