Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Part 3

On to the next opening of Christmas presents - the remainder from my mom, Grandma Marilynn. By now the kids are telling me "I need more presents, mom!" If only they knew how many more gift openings we have to go!

We ate breakfast before bringing the Christmas presents downstairs. Otherwise I don't think they would have eaten at all.

They each got some new books. They both love to read and can sit for quite a long time either looking at books by themselves or listening to someone else read. We always read a book at nap and bedtime, and usually at least once during the day as well.

They both got a little bit of clothes. Adam's shirt that says "Daddy's Garage Volunteer Helper" is quite appropriate. A pair of moose pajamas, and of course, I love the sweater he got because it has orange in it and I am obsessed with orange. Sara got a pair of orange corduroys to coordinate with Adam's sweater. Now I just have to find a shirt to match. Her cupcake jammies were a huge hit - Shannon always calls her his little cupcake. She also got some little necklaces and bracelets.

Grandma saved the biggest presents for last. Adam got a CAT wheel loader with a working lever that raises and lowers the scoop. Extra buttons to move forward and back, honk realistically, and play even louder rock music than a previous dumper he had.

Sara got a big box that had a new doll, which we have nicknamed "Braidy" for obvious reasons, and all the accessories that come with a new baby...a diaper bag that folds out to a changing pad, a pacifier, monitors, a stroller, a high chair, a pack n play, and a potty seat! What's even funnier is that the pattern is the same pattern of the high chair Sara used to sit in. My mom didn't even realize until I mentioned it. Guess I have looked at that pattern so many hours that I knew as soon as the wrapping paper came off!

Of course Adam had to try out the stroller with "Baby" from last year.

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