Sunday, January 1, 2012

All teeth are in!

I posted Dec 16 that Sara's final molar was poking thru. At that time, Adam had no signs of his top molars coming in. He was terribly crabby this morning so I asked him if he needed some snuggle time. We rocked with a blanket and, of course, his best friend blankie.

"Do your teeth hurt?"
"Do you have new ones coming in the top?"

Sure enough both molars are 3/4 of the way thru! I can't believe they have come almost completely in within 2 weeks and Sara's final molar still only has 1 point poking thru!

I was just thinking the other day how blessed I have been with our teething. My kids never woke in the middle of the night with issues, never cried a lot. Sara would suck her thumb more or maybe they were a little cranky. Thankful for something little!

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