Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maybe I spoke too soon

Just when I said Sara would be keeping us in nighttime diapers for a while...she was dry this morning!

We were snuggling in bed with the kids this morning and Shannon asked me what time I got up to change Sara's diaper and put her back to bed. I told him I didn't. When he said she was dry, I thought I might have had a memory lapse. There's no way she could have been dry...maybe I did get up. No, I'm certain I didn't.

Or did I?

Out of the mouths...

End of lunch today.

Adam has completely finished his plate of turkey sandwich, avocado, and peaches. Sara ate most of it and then passed it to Adam to finish it off. She then proceeded to have a total meltdown because she was so tired.

Adam paused from drinking his milk to say "Oh my goodness, my sister is really crabby!"

Some days I wish we had a video camera rolling all the time just to capture stuff live! Classic.

Friday, January 27, 2012

No more diapers for Adam???

The kids have pretty much been potty trained since September. Not too shabby for being 2 1/2!

About a month ago Adam started having dry diapers overnight, too, from time to time. He has currently hit about a 12 night stretch where he has been dry in the morning! I'm a little nervous to not put him in a diaper because that will be the night that he probably pees so much that the carpet gets wet! I just reuse the diaper for a few nights and figure it's not hurting anything for now.

Sara will help keep nighttime diapers in this house for quite some time, I'm certain. Thankfully we have found a high enough capacity diaper to hold all night. But if she doesn't have an extra potty trip after dinner, her bladder doesn't empty enough and she ends up peeing thru the diaper. I do limit her water intake at night but I'm not willing to give her nothing at dinner and nothing at snack just so she is dry.

They are just growing up too fast!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First movie night

Today I had our first movie night with the kids. Or maybe I should say movie afternoon. Not going to the movies in a theater, just at home. Adam loves Woody and Buzz Lightyear so I was telling him that they were friends and were in a movie together. He was excited about that so I borrowed Toy Story from my neighbor. When they woke up from nap this afternoon, we popped some popcorn and snuggled under a blanket on the couch. The popcorn was a HUGE hit, especially with Sara. They loved the movie and sat still thru the entire thing. Sara cried at the end and kept saying "Where's the doggie?" while wiping away tears. I think she was talking about the slinky dog and was concerned because he had gotten all stretched out.

It was a very fun, sweet time for me to enjoy with them as they are getting older.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New bed for the parents

Our biggest Christmas present this year is from Shannon's parents. We chose to forego birthday presents and Christmas presents so we could jointly buy a new bed and some furniture to go with it. We have been married for 13 years and were using a bedroom set from when my mom was first married (we did get a new air mattress for it). There was also a conglomeration of dressers - some matching from me and some not from Shannon. It was time to do something nice for ourselves.

In October we made a quick weekend trip to Wisconsin to buy a king size bed from my cousin, Beth. We always said we would never want a king size because it was so big that we felt like we were sleeping in separate rooms! But it was quite the find and a steal for the money so we couldn't pass it up!

It sat in pieces in our bedroom for a month. I finally found a quilt online and then went shopping on Black Friday for new pillows, sheets, etc. Then it sat for another month as we were waiting for a good opportunity to do some cleaning in our room and get it all ready.

That time never came so I took the initiative while my mom was visiting last to just box some things up and we can sort thru boxes later. Mom and I got everything torn down, vacuumed, and the new one set up to the point of needing Shannon's help with screwing in the side rails. Not only is it king size but it has these "steps" on the side. It makes it really nice to get in and out of the bed, especially for the kids, but a little more difficult to make the bed.

So far I have actually made the bed all pretty every day since it has been in use. We'll see how long it lasts! The first night was quite strange. It was huge. And much different than the dual chamber air mattress we were used to. It's growing on me. We still need to find dressers within our budget. And we miss the built-in headboard shelves so we are thinking of building something between the headboard and the window for at least the alarm clock, kleenex, etc. I love the dual control electric blanket. And the kids seem to have found an attachment for it, too. I have found them in there multiple times every day so far, enjoying the space, and pestering the cat (Adam, I don't think she likes it when you yell BOO in her face). It's nice to be able to snuggle some mornings and we all fit without the adult butts hanging off the edge!

Christmas Part 3

On to the next opening of Christmas presents - the remainder from my mom, Grandma Marilynn. By now the kids are telling me "I need more presents, mom!" If only they knew how many more gift openings we have to go!

We ate breakfast before bringing the Christmas presents downstairs. Otherwise I don't think they would have eaten at all.

They each got some new books. They both love to read and can sit for quite a long time either looking at books by themselves or listening to someone else read. We always read a book at nap and bedtime, and usually at least once during the day as well.

They both got a little bit of clothes. Adam's shirt that says "Daddy's Garage Volunteer Helper" is quite appropriate. A pair of moose pajamas, and of course, I love the sweater he got because it has orange in it and I am obsessed with orange. Sara got a pair of orange corduroys to coordinate with Adam's sweater. Now I just have to find a shirt to match. Her cupcake jammies were a huge hit - Shannon always calls her his little cupcake. She also got some little necklaces and bracelets.

Grandma saved the biggest presents for last. Adam got a CAT wheel loader with a working lever that raises and lowers the scoop. Extra buttons to move forward and back, honk realistically, and play even louder rock music than a previous dumper he had.

Sara got a big box that had a new doll, which we have nicknamed "Braidy" for obvious reasons, and all the accessories that come with a new baby...a diaper bag that folds out to a changing pad, a pacifier, monitors, a stroller, a high chair, a pack n play, and a potty seat! What's even funnier is that the pattern is the same pattern of the high chair Sara used to sit in. My mom didn't even realize until I mentioned it. Guess I have looked at that pattern so many hours that I knew as soon as the wrapping paper came off!

Of course Adam had to try out the stroller with "Baby" from last year.

All teeth are in!

I posted Dec 16 that Sara's final molar was poking thru. At that time, Adam had no signs of his top molars coming in. He was terribly crabby this morning so I asked him if he needed some snuggle time. We rocked with a blanket and, of course, his best friend blankie.

"Do your teeth hurt?"
"Do you have new ones coming in the top?"

Sure enough both molars are 3/4 of the way thru! I can't believe they have come almost completely in within 2 weeks and Sara's final molar still only has 1 point poking thru!

I was just thinking the other day how blessed I have been with our teething. My kids never woke in the middle of the night with issues, never cried a lot. Sara would suck her thumb more or maybe they were a little cranky. Thankful for something little!