Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas tree

Friday night we packed up the kids and headed to The Red Barn to buy our Christmas tree. This year we decided to support our friends by buying from their local business. We are so happy that we did...we got a nicer tree for less money with great service!

Saturday morning we stayed in our jammies and rearranged the furniture, cleared out all the kids' toys, and vacuumed. With Christmas CDs blaring on the stereo, the kids danced around the living room. After nap time we took a quick detour for the annual PMOT children's Christmas party.

Finally back to decorating in the evening. Hanging lights on a tree with 4 extra little hands to help was no easy task. Then I had the brilliant idea to make a popcorn string! Mistake #1 - making the thread so long that the kids kept getting their feet caught in it. Mistake #2 - a snack size bag of popcorn didn't go very far. But the kids had fun, until they get bored and started eating all the popcorn!

I love the style we picked this year. The needles are soft. It's only 6' tall but very round and has long branches poking out here and there, which makes it feel very unique.

Thankfully once they went to bed I could hang the ornaments by myself. Sara was awake first the next morning and she was so excited to see the rest of it decorated. It was still slightly dark outside and I had the lights on already. She just had to get a picture in front of it.

Once Adam woke up, she walked him around and showed him all her favorite ornaments.

Today has been a challenge getting them to leave the ornaments on. They keep taking them off to show me their favorite. Tonight the living room was completely dark and I heard rustling of the plastic under the skirt so I knew Adam was around the tree. All of a sudden the tree lights popped on and he said "there" all proud of himself. It may be a long few weeks...but for now we are enjoying our tree together as a family.

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Jenny said...

love the pictures of them playing with the lights:) Very cute!