Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Part 2

A few days later we celebrated Christmas Part 2 on December 15. It would have been a day earlier but we didn't have it put together until then! My mom and I stayed up until almost midnight 2 nights in a row putting this together! All worth it...what a hit!

I spent a lot of hours looking at kitchens on the internet. Did you know there is actually a website called Crazy.

I knew I wanted something large so it would last a while as they grew...and there was plenty of space for them to each have their own space. This is two sided - kitchen on one side, laundry center on the other. They have already figured out that they can open the doors on both sides and throw toys thru to each other!

I have a pretty lengthy video of them seeing the kitchen for the first time but it was too large to post. Hopefully it will upload to our photo website. It's so funny to see their reactions as they tested all the doors and opened the packages of wood play food. Adam kept shaking the bottle of ketchup and trying to chew the lid open with his teeth!

Thanks, Grandma Marilynn!


Christina said...

OMG I Love it! We have a little one I got for 8 dollars at the fall sale. I figure when the boys are bigger I'll need a replacement. I'll have to check out that website. Gratz on the kitchen!!

Jenny said...

That is an awesome kitchen!