Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Part 1

This year we broke up our Christmas into lots of small chunks. I think it worked great that way for the kids so they could enjoy a few presents at a time. To avoid an extremely lengthy Christmas post, I'll recap in the order they opened...

Our first gift opening extravaganza was on December 13. My mom was visiting and she brought presents from my half brother and his wife. While we don't see them often, they are always generous and remember the kids at Christmas and birthdays.

Sara got a play mixer that is both a stand mixer and a hand mixer. She does a lot of baking so this will come in handy.

She also unwrapped a blender that had an apple and a banana as accessories. Already whipping up an apple smoothie! The last gift was a toaster.

Adam is showing us his new chainsaw. It does make pretty realistic sounds. I'm not sure how many times he has sawed off my arm since opening the gift.

Apparently this is called a drill driver, not just a screwdriver, because of the various attachments that it comes with. I'm pretty handy as a woman but I'm sure I'll be learning some new lingo to keep up with my little man. Thankfully, Shannon found him a nice zipper tool pouch to store all the bits and screws that came with it.

His last gift was a jigsaw and the blade actually goes up and down when you push the button. He's showing some great multi-tasking skills here...might as well make a snack while you are cutting your boards!

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