Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Part 2

A few days later we celebrated Christmas Part 2 on December 15. It would have been a day earlier but we didn't have it put together until then! My mom and I stayed up until almost midnight 2 nights in a row putting this together! All worth it...what a hit!

I spent a lot of hours looking at kitchens on the internet. Did you know there is actually a website called Crazy.

I knew I wanted something large so it would last a while as they grew...and there was plenty of space for them to each have their own space. This is two sided - kitchen on one side, laundry center on the other. They have already figured out that they can open the doors on both sides and throw toys thru to each other!

I have a pretty lengthy video of them seeing the kitchen for the first time but it was too large to post. Hopefully it will upload to our photo website. It's so funny to see their reactions as they tested all the doors and opened the packages of wood play food. Adam kept shaking the bottle of ketchup and trying to chew the lid open with his teeth!

Thanks, Grandma Marilynn!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Part 1

This year we broke up our Christmas into lots of small chunks. I think it worked great that way for the kids so they could enjoy a few presents at a time. To avoid an extremely lengthy Christmas post, I'll recap in the order they opened...

Our first gift opening extravaganza was on December 13. My mom was visiting and she brought presents from my half brother and his wife. While we don't see them often, they are always generous and remember the kids at Christmas and birthdays.

Sara got a play mixer that is both a stand mixer and a hand mixer. She does a lot of baking so this will come in handy.

She also unwrapped a blender that had an apple and a banana as accessories. Already whipping up an apple smoothie! The last gift was a toaster.

Adam is showing us his new chainsaw. It does make pretty realistic sounds. I'm not sure how many times he has sawed off my arm since opening the gift.

Apparently this is called a drill driver, not just a screwdriver, because of the various attachments that it comes with. I'm pretty handy as a woman but I'm sure I'll be learning some new lingo to keep up with my little man. Thankfully, Shannon found him a nice zipper tool pouch to store all the bits and screws that came with it.

His last gift was a jigsaw and the blade actually goes up and down when you push the button. He's showing some great multi-tasking skills here...might as well make a snack while you are cutting your boards!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Molar update

Sara has her final molar poking thru today! She got the other top one a few weeks ago. It has been a long road of waiting and seeing her chew on her fingers in the back of her mouth. No sign of the top ones for Adam yet.

Sara - 20
Adam - 18

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another ear infection for Sara

For two weeks we have heard Sara say off and on "I don't feel good." She seemed perfectly fine. Although she was cutting her final 2 year molars on top. Maybe it's just a ploy to get out of bed.

Then she came down with a cold so we thought the "I don't feel good"s were associated with that. But still, she ate normal, played normal, slept normal.

A few days ago I finally had a talk with her and explained that she needed to be more specific. Tell me if your tummy hurts or your ears hurt or...something, anything to help a mama out! It must have sunk in because then she started saying "I don't feel good. My ears hurt." The next night she told us she was going to throw up and she needed a bucket. Still, she seemed fine, no fever, no tugging on her ears, no loss of sleep, no loss of appetite. Shannon and I finally decided to at least check in with the nurse and see what she thought. I hate being one of those moms that jumps to conclusions, especially when your child seems perfectly fine. The nurse thought we should go ahead and bring her in, especially since she was saying her ears hurt.

Shannon took her to the doctor yesterday and it turns out Sara was right - she has an infection in her right ear. I am glad that we called but it's so hard to know when she isn't showing signs of being sick. I guess I need to rely on the fact that my almost 3 year old knows and communicates to I should listen. This is her second ear infection in just a few months. I'm hoping it's not a sign of what is going to be a really long winter.

Friday, December 9, 2011

First snow of the season

Well, technically, it wasn't the first snow...but it was the first snow that stuck on the ground. When they got up this morning and looked out the living room window, the kids were so excited to see a thin blanket of white covering the grass. Adam wanted to go outside right away. Considering that we were still in jammies and hadn't gone potty or eaten breakfast, I had to disappoint him by saying no. Once all the necessities of the morning were taken care of, we bundled up and headed out.

Adam proved that garden implements can still be quite useful in the winter.

Sara loved seeing the tracks her snow boots made and that she was getting snow on her new boots. She asked if I had snow on my boots, too. For some reason, she liked making mitten prints in the snow!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas tree

Friday night we packed up the kids and headed to The Red Barn to buy our Christmas tree. This year we decided to support our friends by buying from their local business. We are so happy that we did...we got a nicer tree for less money with great service!

Saturday morning we stayed in our jammies and rearranged the furniture, cleared out all the kids' toys, and vacuumed. With Christmas CDs blaring on the stereo, the kids danced around the living room. After nap time we took a quick detour for the annual PMOT children's Christmas party.

Finally back to decorating in the evening. Hanging lights on a tree with 4 extra little hands to help was no easy task. Then I had the brilliant idea to make a popcorn string! Mistake #1 - making the thread so long that the kids kept getting their feet caught in it. Mistake #2 - a snack size bag of popcorn didn't go very far. But the kids had fun, until they get bored and started eating all the popcorn!

I love the style we picked this year. The needles are soft. It's only 6' tall but very round and has long branches poking out here and there, which makes it feel very unique.

Thankfully once they went to bed I could hang the ornaments by myself. Sara was awake first the next morning and she was so excited to see the rest of it decorated. It was still slightly dark outside and I had the lights on already. She just had to get a picture in front of it.

Once Adam woke up, she walked him around and showed him all her favorite ornaments.

Today has been a challenge getting them to leave the ornaments on. They keep taking them off to show me their favorite. Tonight the living room was completely dark and I heard rustling of the plastic under the skirt so I knew Adam was around the tree. All of a sudden the tree lights popped on and he said "there" all proud of himself. It may be a long few weeks...but for now we are enjoying our tree together as a family.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Twin hair salon

Welcome to the Twin Hair Salon...step right up, sit right down, and we'll both cut your hair so you can get out and back to your day in half the time! We're running a special now where we will only charge you twice the price! Need your beard trimmed, too? No problem! We have a girl who specializes in that!

Only a slight injury at the end. Shannon thought it would be a good idea to have Adam scratch his back. He didn't realize how strong Adam's nails were, strong meaning sharp. He was left with a blood trail from neck to waist!


Adam seems to have an obsession with tools lately. As he should, I suppose, since he's a boy, but why label? He got his hands on a full size tape measure. Shannon decided that wasn't the best thing to be carrying around the house so he found a mini one. Not wanting to feel left out, Sara needed one of her own, as well. Thankfully, we could accommodate.

I loved this photo. When I asked Adam how big Sara was, he said "She's skinny!"

I think they spent 2 full days measuring the entire house. Until Adam cut the side of his finger a little and then Dad decided maybe they should have a toy tape measure that wasn't so dangerous...and took them away. Ahhh, what's a little blood?