Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey craft project

I have been trying to think of little ideas lately to do some craft projects with the kids. When my neighbor watched the kids a few weeks ago while I was at work, they made turkey hats together and loved it! While at the library story time last week, they had some free coloring pages of giant turkeys. Combine that with some tissue paper and a glue stick and voila! Colored turkeys with feathers.

They were so excited to hang them on the refrigerator with a magnet to show dad when he got home from teaching today.

What really cracked me up was seeing the difference between the 2 pictures. First, Adam was crazy with the crayon, while Sara took her time and made a few tiny scribbles here and there. She has started holding a pencil or crayon correctly in the past few days. And then there are the feathers. Adam barely crumpled them. Sara rolled them into a tiny ball and wanted to be so precise in gluing them on. Yikes! Another example of similarities to the mama!

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