Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Follow up to the walk

Over 600 people joined us to celebrate the lives that have been changed by the Children's Hospital of Illinois NICU...and to mourn the lives that have been lost. Final numbers are still being tallied but the last information was that over $25,000 was raised.

The kids had a fantastic time at the Small Wonders Walk. Right inside the door we ran into Dr. Hocker, the head of the NICU. He was in the delivery room when the kids were born and commented how good it was to see that they were doing so well.

After a few snacks, we all headed outside for a group photo. It was a brisk, windy morning for a walk but as far as we could see in front of us, there were people.

And as far as we could see behind us, there were people.

Back inside, Sara was speechless to run into some princesses, one of which who let Sara wear her tiara.

Then we made our way to the face painting. Way too many choices for a 2 year old to decide. Adam finally settled on a tiger and Sara chose some flowers.

We tried to get a great big balloon animal but have to wait another year for that to be old enough. Off to play instead.

Lunchtime snacks and then it was home for a much-needed nap. Shannon and I spent a few hours outside moving some bushes and doing fall clean up.

For all of you who supported us with the walk, we say a deep thank you.

See you next year!

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