Monday, November 21, 2011

Turkey craft project

I have been trying to think of little ideas lately to do some craft projects with the kids. When my neighbor watched the kids a few weeks ago while I was at work, they made turkey hats together and loved it! While at the library story time last week, they had some free coloring pages of giant turkeys. Combine that with some tissue paper and a glue stick and voila! Colored turkeys with feathers.

They were so excited to hang them on the refrigerator with a magnet to show dad when he got home from teaching today.

What really cracked me up was seeing the difference between the 2 pictures. First, Adam was crazy with the crayon, while Sara took her time and made a few tiny scribbles here and there. She has started holding a pencil or crayon correctly in the past few days. And then there are the feathers. Adam barely crumpled them. Sara rolled them into a tiny ball and wanted to be so precise in gluing them on. Yikes! Another example of similarities to the mama!

Sara's first braid

I recently made my very first attempt at doing a full braid in my baby girl's hair. Keep in mind, a braid expert I am not. In fact, I had never done it before. Now couple that with a 2 1/2 year old patient that doesn't understand exactly what "sit still" means, a twin of the same age who is a busy-body trying to steal the comb and the pony tail holder and you have 20 minutes of a mama wondering if she can really do this or not! All of that considered, I think it turned out pretty well. Even better my second time around. And, of course, Sara loves it and walks around telling everyone "I got a braid!"

Monday, November 14, 2011

White moons washing

We were scurrying around to leave for a short trip to Wisconsin last weekend. I caught the kids in a moment where they actually listened when I told them to go in and go potty...and they washed their hands!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Annual Trunk or Treat

A few weeks ago we went to our annual Trunk or Treat with our local twins group. This is a great trick or treating option for us because we all meet at a local park and line the cars up with our trunks facing in so the space is enclosed. Then we decorate our trunks, however elaborately we desire, and the kids trick or treat from each vehicle's trunk. It works very well for the little ones who will get tired of walking from house to house...and our neighborhood doesn't do much for trick or treating.

This year the kids were a prairie family traveling with their covered wagon. Shout out to our awesome neighbor for helping with the costumes!

By the way, I know the woman doesn't normally take lead on the horse, but you take it out of her hands. We tried having her "sit" on the back of the horse. She was definitely not interested in that. We tried having her sit on the front of the horse and Adam on the back. She just kept screaming "Adam get off..." Eventually you just concede!

Our decorated "trunk" this year. The covered wagon we re-used from a summer parade and then we built a campfire in the back of the Expedition.

A close up of our campfire - the winner of "best theme" since the decorations and the kids' costumes went together so well.

Look at all our candy!

It was a record-breaking year with 80 kids trunk or treating, which also means a lot of vehicles providing candy. We went home and separated it into stuff they could eat and a bucket for Shannon and I...which came in handy last night when our doorbell rang with 2 lonely trick or treaters who thought our house looked big and scary in the dark!

We considered carving our pumpkins last night but decided to pass and watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" instead. It was hard to hear most of it with Adam talking and walking around the whole time but I think they liked the experience. He must have been paying attention at some point...when we were having the last potty trip of the night, Adam drug our huge set of spa stairs across the bathroom and then lifted it and dropped it on his toe. When I asked him what he was doing, he said it was Clifford's airplane like Snoopy in the movie!

Follow up to the walk

Over 600 people joined us to celebrate the lives that have been changed by the Children's Hospital of Illinois NICU...and to mourn the lives that have been lost. Final numbers are still being tallied but the last information was that over $25,000 was raised.

The kids had a fantastic time at the Small Wonders Walk. Right inside the door we ran into Dr. Hocker, the head of the NICU. He was in the delivery room when the kids were born and commented how good it was to see that they were doing so well.

After a few snacks, we all headed outside for a group photo. It was a brisk, windy morning for a walk but as far as we could see in front of us, there were people.

And as far as we could see behind us, there were people.

Back inside, Sara was speechless to run into some princesses, one of which who let Sara wear her tiara.

Then we made our way to the face painting. Way too many choices for a 2 year old to decide. Adam finally settled on a tiger and Sara chose some flowers.

We tried to get a great big balloon animal but have to wait another year for that to be old enough. Off to play instead.

Lunchtime snacks and then it was home for a much-needed nap. Shannon and I spent a few hours outside moving some bushes and doing fall clean up.

For all of you who supported us with the walk, we say a deep thank you.

See you next year!