Monday, September 19, 2011

First ear infections

A week and a half ago the kids started with runny noses. That was a Wednesday. I thought it was just allergies but when Adam's turned yellow the next day, I knew better. When Sunday came, I was trying to decide if I would take the kids to the doctor to make sure nothing more serious was going on. Adam's nose was yellow and green for 4 days and they had low-grade fevers off and on the entire time. Many nights they were sleeping terrible. One night I was up from 12-1:30 with Adam and numerous times after that until they got up for the day. Another night I was up every 40 minutes from midnight to 6am. Yesterday Sara was up for the day at 4.

Anyway, last Monday came and Sara hadn't slept well overnight. I moved to the couch with her at 5. At 6:30 she tossed and turned and moaned and cried. I should have known by the moaning - it's usually a sign. She threw up all over me. While Shannon rocked with her and I showered, she threw up again. Thankfully, we got in with one of the doctors that morning. Adam had a diagnosis of just wait it out, even though his nose was awful. Sara seemed better other than her tummy and she had an ear infection in both ears. I was quite surprised because she wasn't showing any other symptoms. Antibiotics for Sara and she goes back on the 26th for a recheck of her ears.

Both seem to be feeling better now, with the exception of the high level of crankiness. Holy cow. Sara is napping better or at least napping. She had 5 days in a week's time that she didn't nap at all and then couldn't even stand upright by the time bedtime rolled around. But she keeps getting up for the day at 4, 5, or 6. Some have asked if she is ready to cut afternoon naps so she sleeps longer. If you saw her, you would disagree with that. We have tried pushing bedtime a little later because they don't need quite as much sleep but it's such a battle because they get so tired.

I would have to say the past week or two are some of the hardest I have had in a long time. Lack of sleep...or extremely interrupted wearing on me and I just feel behind on everything because of the schedule being off. Welcome to the world of being a mom of 2 year olds, right? Then with twins, I'm not sure what the multiplier would be but it's definitely not just double!

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Jenny said...

ugh...ear infections are the worst for sleep! Hope all is well now:)