Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I have noticed a definite shift in our sleep habits. I think it happened after our July 4th trip. Prior to that, the kids would sleep pretty well. But when they didn't, we would crash on the couch together.

For over a month now, if they wake up...
I go in and give them a hug
Maybe change Sara's diaper if it seems like it won't last until morning
Lay them back down
Cover them with a blanket
Tell them I'll see them in the morning for breakfast
Walk out

It's a beautiful thing!

I'm so glad I've raised good little sleepers. Now if I can eliminate those times that Sara gets overtired and won't nap! I guess a perfect world is too much to ask for.

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Jenny said...

Owen is the same way...I'm thankful everyday that he is such a good sleeper. And I agree, it definitely starts with us getting them into the routine:)