Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rockin' the big cups

Up until now, I have only used closed cups that won't spill. It's just easier and less mess.

Last week I decided to break out our "big cups" to see how they would do. It's one thing to clean up a little water. Something entirely different when you have to clean up spilled milk at mealtime x 2. I think I have enough going on in life than to have that added to my schedule.

They absolutely love it. And we love washing fewer straws! We still use a newer metal thermos for snacks so it can be transported. I actually might buy two more so we can also take some to restaurants that don't serve milk. These sat on our front porch in direct sunlight on a 105 degree day for 4 hours...and still had cold water in them! Now that's a product I'll recommend!

I got smart and have them hand me the cup back when they are done drinking. That avoids any flying elbows knocking it off their tray. We've had quite a few meltdowns from Sara, though, because she *loves* her milk. She will drink and drink and drink, looking at me out of the corner of her eye knowing that she has to give it back. She will fill up on milk and not eat any food!

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