Friday, August 5, 2011

New undies

For a little while I have wondered if the kids would do better at telling me they had to go potty if I put them in regular underwear instead of training underwear. We made a trip to WalMart yesterday to peruse the selection. The hardest part is deciding if I am just wasting money because their teeny little body is going to be swimming in a 2-3T. We weighed them the other day and they have lost a few pounds this summer and are down to 27.5lbs. With two different brands as options, we headed home. One of the options for Sara has a waist that is 2 inches bigger than the other so I will be taking those back. She picked stripes to start with and loved them. Adam chose the cars.

We have also been talking for a few days about what they can say if they need to go potty.

After about 15 minutes Adam started fussing and was standing in a puddle. He was very disappointed he got his cars wet. While I was cleaning Adam up, Sara ran in yelling "Mama go potty", pulled her pants down and got on the potty all by herself!

Sara told me she had to go 3 times and got a "special" M&M (peanut butter) and had no accidents all day! Adam only had the one accident.

A very exciting day. We'll see what happens on day #2 of new undies and if we have as much success as yesterday.

I must admit it was quite exciting to pack a dinky little package of diapers for our weekend trip and that was packing a bunch extra! Before I would have to pack more than that quantity just for one of them. I see about $100 coming back into my monthly budget very soon!

Big girl Sara in her new panties and hat!

This is Adam showing off his new undies...a little more modest!


Christina said...

Alana has been very into potty training this week. We were doing training pants or undies with diapers over them and it seemed to help. Then we had a few accidents in them and she wasn't telling us. May need to try straight up undies next.

Anonymous said...

take them off