Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Grampa's toys

We made a trip to Iowa last weekend for Shannon's 25th high school reunion. (Side note: really? It doesn't feel like we are getting that old!) Grandma Sue and Grampa (Mollenhauer) don't have the usual range of toys for the kids to play with. Go big or go home if you want to play with the big dogs, right? 10 minutes out of the car and Adam was saying "4 wheeler." Next thing I look, Shannon and Adam are zooming down the driveway.

Saturday after breakfast it changed to "Grampa, bobcat!" Adam's wish...and Grampa fired her up!

For those of you who know Adam's history, this is quite shocking. He hates loud noises. For a long time he would jump in my lap if we were outside and a loud motorcycle or truck drove by. Lawn mower? Forget it. Bobcat? It was nice to look at. This trip was different. Grampa started it up, moved the seat back to make room for Adam behind the safety bar, lowered the bucket, and away they went. A few areas of the driveway needed some smoothing and then they scooped some dirt. Or was it dirt mixed with a little something extra?
Next up? Time to sit on the old tractor in the barn.

Let's see, what gas-powered item can Adam pick next? Oh, the 4-wheeler!

Sunday was more of the same except Sara decided to participate. How many 2 year old girls do you know that have ridden in a bobcat in their nightgown?

Followed by bobcat/4-wheeler races!

At this point Sara hopped on the 4-wheeler and I think Adam picked the mower. I heard Shannon ask Sara if she wanted to go fast or slow. By the way he jumped on the throttle, I'm guessing she said FAST...nightgown and hair blowing in the breeze!

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Jenny said...

So cute!! Looks like they had a blast:)