Saturday, July 9, 2011

Whole lotta dancin'

Music, no music, make up a tune, radio, or the snapping of fingers. You name it and Sara can dance to it. Adam is usually soon to follow, although with much different moves. I have lots of video of Sara dancing over the past year and she is certainly evolving. It's not unusual for us to be driving in the car and she is tapping her hand on her knee to the beat on the radio, looking all grown up. Adam will often ask me to turn on the radio. If the volume isn't sufficient, he is sure to let me know by yelling "LOUDER!" I love that they love music. It's one of my passions in life that seems to have gotten crowded out by the daily grind. I foresee that the kids will keep the passion alive in our household!

I started singing Rockin' Robin to the kids one day and they looked at me like I was crazy. I got on my laptop and found an old version and cranked up the volume. Sara quickly fell in love with it. After the 10th playing, I was thankful Shannon came home so he could take a turn dancing with her!

Next we have dancing to the show So You Think You Can Dance. This is a family favorite. When they find a routine they particularly like, they ask me to play it a few times so they can really get the choreography down! Adam loves doing the splits and krumping. Sara likes it when Shannon lifts her in the air like the pair routines. This time really made me laugh when Adam ran up to Sara and said "hold hands." Later it turned into a game of just holding Sara's hands and pulling her down on the floor, giggling.

For Adam's birthday, Grandpa Mollenhauer got him a dumper that made all kinds of noise, played music, and shook. We had to put it away until recently because he didn't like all the noise and was scared of it. Thankfully, a few weeks ago he asked to get it out and he pushes it around. It has also turned into a dance opportunity with the rock and roll music it plays. Apparently Adam is the DJ who is in charge of pushing the button when the music stops. Check out Sara's hips!

This was also the first time that Sara jumped and both feet left the ground - a developmental milestone!