Sunday, July 31, 2011

Update on potty training

Well, some days I'm ready to throw in the towel and give up. Those are the days when we go through all 6 pair of training underwear I bought by noon because someone pees in them 5 minutes after they have gone on the big potty.

Then I have other moments when I feel recharged and ready to keep going. Those are the days when we go all day with no accidents! Or when we try underwear at church and Adam makes it almost 2 hours! So I know they are totally capable.

We just need to work on them *telling* me when they have to go. I remember all the logical times - when we get up, before breakfast, after breakfast, before we go outside, when we come in from outside, before nap, after nap, etc. But it's those times that they go, I brush my teeth, come back, and they have had an accident.

Sara is still doing really well even though I was going to wait to train her until later because she didn't seem interested. I think potty training twins at the same time is one of those things that allows me to tell a mom who tries to convince me that having children 14 months apart is JUST like having twins. Really? Cause having children 14 months apart (or some other random range of time) are at different stages of diapers or going on the potty. But training twins at the same time goes something like this:

Adam runs into the bathroom, fully excited about getting a turn on the potty. Sara notices and has to join in the fun. Adam is pulling his shorts down. Okay, Adam, up the step onto the potty. Sara is trying to pull her shorts down so I start helping her. Adam jumps up "I peed on the potty!" Clean up Adam's dribble. Adam climbs down. Sara's turn to step up. We get Adam's underwear back on. Adam, up on the steps to wash your hands. Adam climbs up and turns the water on, playing in it and getting water all over the counter. Sara jumps up "All done!" That's enough water, Adam, turn it off. I wipe Sara and she climbs down. Adam, enough water, and I squirt him some soap. Sara's panties back on. Adam is notorious for washing the soap off before rubbing it on his hands so I end up turning the water back off and making him scrub more. Sara climbs the steps to wash her hands. Adam is rinsing. Sara gets hers wet. Water off. Soap for Sara. Towel for Adam. Sara scrubs her hands really well, sometimes you could take a little nap with your eyes open while she is being so thorough. Rinse. Dry with towel. Both back down the steps. Shorts on. Celebrate with an M&M. Five minutes of my life that I will never get back has lapsed. Process to be repeated at least 8-10 times per day. That's nearly an hour per day. No wonder the last time my mom babysat she only choose to put one of them in underwear!

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Jenny said...

Sounds like a party in the bathroom several times a day:)