Saturday, July 9, 2011

Potty training day 1-3

Today is Day 3 of my potty training attempts with Adam. He seemed quite ready a few months ago and was very interested in going on the potty. I finally decided that, while he is still very young, I might as well hop on board with his enthusiasm, ramp up my commitment level, and see what happens. The walking around bottomless approach was not something that appealed to me. Just going straight to big boy underwear and still cleaning up puddles of pee on the hardwood and carpet still didn't sound appealing. I searched online and found some training underwear that have a waterproof outer layer. They can also be helpful for outings when they aren't quite ready or naps and longer stretches of time. Reminds me of when I was young and you wore the thick underwear and a separate plastic underpant over it...these are just all together.

Armed with our big boy underwear, our step stool for the toilet, our potty seat that attaches to the big potty, and our big dispenser of mini M&Ms displayed right on the counter, we started our Day 1 on a positive note of "no no no's". It seems over the past week or so his enthusiasm has diminished. Unfortunately, a trigger has gone off in Adam the past few days and all we hear constantly is "no no no." It's getting a little old. But we pushed ahead anyway.

Day 1 resulted in 5 successes and 3 pees in the underwear. They were probably mostly my fault because I wasn't having him go often enough.

Interestingly enough, Day 1 also resulted in Sara hopping on board. Prior to this, she has just sat on the potty and has only gone once. But now that she sees what's going on with Adam, she wants to get in on the potty dance celebration, as well as the downing of the M&Ms. When Adam is done, Sara is quick to pipe up "Sara, too!"

Day 2 was even better. Lots of successes and only 1 pee in the training pants. And an occasion of 2 M&Ms for #2! I finally broke down and corrected Sara with the anatomically correct body part name when she kept saying we were wiping Adam's butt. She kept repeating the "p" word over and over again. I know her memory and wonderful enunciation will come back to haunt me some time soon in an embarrassing way in WalMart or some other public place!

Today is Day 3 and we have started off well so far. Just 1 accident. Sara has continued her enthusiasm to join in. Not every time but quite a few. We also had a couple times that Adam told me he had to go so that is progress.

I guess we'll see where this journey takes us. If we succeed, that's great. If not, we'll try again. I'm not overly worried about it right now since they are only 2 1/4. But for now I'm committed as long as he is. And she, I guess...

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