Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out of the mouths...

With all that the kids are saying lately, I'm wondering if this blog title should be a regularly recurring topic.

All of these comments were overheard yesterday!

At breakfast, Adam noticed there was a lady on our syrup bottle. He kept saying "lady" so I told him "Yes, that's Aunt Jemima." They practiced and practiced until they got it right. Then Sara decided she needed to be the teacher - "Adam, say 'Aunt Jemima!'

Last night at dinner I reheated some leftover cheesy potatoes. I blew on them before handing the plate to Sara. She took a bite and commented "Too hot--Mama cooked it too long!"

While playing last night, Sara went over to Adam and handed him a toy phone and said, "Adam, talk on the phone!" Of course he complied and said "Hello?"

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