Sunday, July 31, 2011

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream! For those of you needing to get on my "good side", take note - this is my favorite ice cream. Edy's Slow Churned Mint Cookie Crunch. I could eat it every night. Who am I kidding? I do eat it every night. When I am feeling guilty, only 5 nights out of 7! I think Shannon was shocked that I shared some with the kids!

6:09pm. Let the fun begin!

Sara prefers the licking method. Slowly.

Adam, on the other hand, knows you should dig right in and take a bite!

To avoid brain freeze, it may be best to just pause for a moment in the middle of eating.

Brain freeze? Who cares!

Hmmm...wonder what that is on my leg...

I think Adam will gladly eat Sara's when he's done if she doesn't get a move on!

As you can see, Adam is down to the end and Sara hasn't even bit into her cone yet.

Just cram that last bite in!

Yum! Elapsed time? 4 minutes.

Meanwhile, Sara is getting comfortable. This may be a while.

She has finally moved onto the cone but pauses to lick what has dripped on her fingers.

Adam is done, cleaned up, and left the scene.

Finally, the last bite! Elapsed time? 9 minutes. Almost double Adam's record breaking speed.

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